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Powerade – Humanball Commercial / TVC / Advertising
Powerade Print Advertising / Print
Ren By Outdoor / Avertising / Skulptures
Hyundai Commercial /TVC / Advertising
EDC – Intro Commercial /TVC / Advertising
EDC Print Advertising / Print
EDC – Mæglertjek Commercial /TVC / Advertising
Information Commercial /TVC / Advertising
Information print Advertising / Print
Powerade Bumper Commercial /TVC / Advertising
Frels Din Cykel Advertising / Outdoor / Print
Ekstra Bladet BTB Campaign
Det Blå Danmark Print Advertising / Print
Det Blå Danmark – Skibsagent Commercial /TVC / Advertising
Det Blå Danmark – Skibsingenør Commercial / TVC / Advertising /
Det Blå Danmark – Havnearbejder Commercial /TVC / Advertising
Crossfit Copenhagen Advertising / Print / Branding
Expert – Bænk Commercial /TVC / Advertising
Expert 2 Commercial /TVC / Advertising
Pigmenta Advertising / Print
DALOON Advertising / Print
Brillepusher Event / Advertising
Kitchen & Co Stores Graphic / Graphic Design
Web Design Web Design
CD / LP Covers CD / LP Covers
Napalm Death Music / CD / LP
Napalm Death Video Music / Trailer / Teaser for new album
Frode figure Have a Frode figure at home
Figures I like making characters
RX Everything Branding / Graphic design
Doodles I Like To Doodle
Illustrations A selection of illustrations
Irma Avertising / Print / Graphic Design
Digital Digital Projects
Random Stuff Out of context



this site consists of a one man army
– and when necessary
some special friends to help out…

friktion.com is the online portfolio for “me”
aka frode sylthe

I have done a lot of different
work over the years, both advertising
and graphic design for a variety of clients

Prospective clients should feel free
to contact me about a joint venture
– or just an adventure….

- Concept & Idea
– Art direction
– Graphic design
– App concepts
– Photoshop
– Illustrator
– Indesign
– PremierPro
– A good creative project manager
– Love quirky ideas
– Are ready to fight for it
– Beeing a nice bloke
– Beeing positive
– Left-handed
– Likes animals with fur
– Drawing potato-head men
– Fluent in spoken and written Swedish
– Fluent in spoken and written Norwegian
– Fluent in spoken and written Danish
– Fluent in spoken and written English

I’ve been fortunate to work with all lot of different clients over the last few years, so here are some of them in no particular order:
Carlsberg Breweries A/S
Amnesty International Denmark
Danish Red Cross Youth Denmark
Century media Germany
Regain Records
Coca-cola Nordic
Metro Express Denmark
KCC – Copenhagen City Center
Københavns Kommune Vej & Park
Frederiksberg Kommune
Gateways Proactive Airline Service
SpV Gmbh
Det Blå Danmark
Totalt Javla Mörker
The Haunted
Hanky-Panky Condoms
At the Gates
Envision It
Napalm Death
Crossfit Copenhagen
Børns Vilkår
Ekstra Bladet

To have new challenges and opportunities and to explore new frontiers in the field. Expects others to live up to his standards and has high expectations of ability.

Finding inventive solutions to problems.

Those who do not ‘pass the buck’ but instead find new and resourceful ways to solve the problems at hand.

Behavior which is often used :
Managing people and situations
In favor of its own results.

Works very well alone under pressure when there is a great need to get things done. However, has a tendency to become difficult if his individualism is threatened or when new challenges suddenly disappear.

Boredom and losing control of his environment.

The developer is a strong-willed person who needs to constantly strive to seek new horizons. He is extremely self-reliant and prefers to find his own solutions when a problem presents itself. Often the developer is able to find imaginative and inventive solutions because he is able to think outside the box and isn’t bound by the constraints of society and instead follows the beat of his own drum.

DISC Profile 1 ” the developer ”

DANISH VERSION : DISC Profile “Udvikleren”

Nye udfordringer, nye muligheder.
Bedømmer andre på : Deres evne
til at leve op til hans normer og

Påvirker andre ved :
At finde løsninger på problemer.

Undlader at “lade sorteper gå videre”, finder nye og opfindsomme problemløsninger.

Adfærd, der bruges ofte:
At styre mennesker og situationer
til fordel for egne resultater.

Reaktioner på ydre pres:
Arbejder alene, når der er behov for at få tingene gjort, bliver krigerisk hvis hans individualisme trues eller udfordringer forsvinder.

Kedsomhed, at miste styringen.

Udvikleren er tilbøjelig til at være en viljefast person, der stedse søger nye horisonter. Stoler i meget høj grad på sig selv, og foretrækker derfor egne løsninger.
Ofte finder Udvikleren fantasifulde og opfindsomme løsninger, fordi han/hun ikke føler sig bundet af gruppe-normer, men går egne veje.

DISC Profil 1 “Udvikleren”

A good teamplayer
Good at concept and idea
Got the looks of a garden gnome
Make a fantastic and marvelous solution for you



frode sylthe - friktion.com


Jan Sverker

“Uanset om det har været til Tapas i Madrid lufthavn. I Uruguay uden søvn. I Rudeskov med alt for meget tøj på i forhold til vejret. Med millioner af dominobrikker der skulle ordnes i meningsfulde rækker. Med juleøl og tatar. Med ufortjent natarbejde på en skitur. Med kartoffelpsykopater på pap. Med mulige og umulige kunder. Mr indoor, skiborgmesteren og heavykokken. Det har været en fornøjelse.”

—Jan Sverker, Team-partner

Peter Dolving

“They are scary. And that’s really what it should be like. They really complement the music and give the records that extra thing. He’s really worked it out of the lyrics as well, you know. I’m really proud that he’s done the artwork. Yeah, I have to say this once again: I am so impressed and proud that he even wanted to do this, because it’s an amazing artwork.”
— Peter Dolving, Client

Gudny Arge

“Frode er et varmt, positivt og meget engageret menneske, som er nysgerrig og holder af at udforske og afprøve nyt og har mange sjove kreative påfund – jo vildere og skævere, des bedre. Man føler altid sig som noget særligt i hans selskab. Frode er hjælpsom og betænksom med en dejlig smittende humor og et festligt sindelag. Meget loyal, sjov, inspirerende.”
— Gudny Arge, Kunde

Mitch Harris

“…That’s killer Frode, Thanks for being a part of it all, you did a great job, and really worked hard on this, and it shows it man! Touching it really is man!.”
— Mitch Harris, Client


“It’s a weird affair directed by one Frode Sylthe. Not your usual mix of live footage with studio shoots, but footage shot explicitely for the video, with the images replayed in a cartoon-ish black ‘n’ white style. Of course, this makes a posibility for ad- ditional effects, which the guys clearly needed. I’m sure you’ll be able to see it soon on most of the music channels, so look out for this wacky clip! No rating, although it deserves credit for its unorthodox approach!”
— Tony, Journalist

Thomas Grønkjær

“Frode har været primusmotor for det visuelle udtryk i indtil flere af mine projekter, bl.a. de- sign af hjemmeside og artwork til vinylsingler. Det er sjældent det mest oplagte men oftest det mest funktionelle Frode præsenterer. Frode er en sand original, der med frie hænder udretter aldeles unikke sager.”
— Thomas Grønkjær, Kunde

Christian Nielsen

“God nøgteren præsentation af indsigt og ide. Plusser: Præcision, fokus Minusser: Lige knap livligt.„
— Chrisitan Nielsen, Kreativ direktør

Jesper Holme

“Jeg synes at frode er super vild. han sparker igennem samtidig med at han tænker sig om.”
— Jesper Holme, Stragisk Planner

Kevin Stewart-Panko

“… hate the shitty photo montage the band elected to use as visual representation of said title. It looks like the band took 11 minutes while hung over on a Sunday to create the cover, and if I were a less forgiving sonofabitch, I’d carry my dour feelings about their lack of aesthetic ef- fort over to the music. ”
— Kevin Stewart-Panko,
Journalist Decibel

Christian Ramsø

“… tænk engang at jeg ikke er listet som ven på dit site og det er Erik Skov endda. Fuck et trist røvhul.”
— Christian Ramsø, Kollega


“On voulait bosser avec lui et il était super chaud. On est très content de son boulot, il a su exprimer les différentes émotions qu’il y a dans le disque”
— Aqme, Kunde

Linda Gildberg

“Min egen tusse er en visionær igangsætter og slavepisker.”
— Linda Gildberg, Kæreste


“Onto the mindblowing artwork, and boy are you in for a treat with the Special Edition. The artwork is very simplistic, yet striking.”
— Ondeafears3, Blogger

Christian Blair

“…Can’t get over the throwback artwork. So great. .”
— Christian Bair, Blogger

Christian Nielsen

“Frode er superdygtig, men han skal ha’ nogen tæsk…”
— Chrisitan Nielsen, Kreativ direktør

Karsten Sand

“Frode er uden tvivl den meste kreative og ud af boksen tænkene person man kan arbejde med. Et kreativ indput og spark, der gør verden et meget sjovere sted og være.”
— Karsten Sand, Illustrator


“Frode er sånn en snill gutt”
— Mor



feel free to contact me
about a joint venture
– or just an adventure…. .

nørrebrogade 68a , 1.th.
dk-2200 n
+45 40 74 79 78

mail: frode5@friktion.com

frode hoved

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